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LIK (rus: Lesnaya Innovacionnaya Kompaniya – Timber Innovation Company) - Russian company engaged in harvesting and primary processing of wood, offers a wide range of the highest quality lumber products based on advanced technologies and European standards.

Main facilities are located in Pestovo (Novgorod region, Russia) in the vicinity of Tver, Yaroslavl, Vologda and Leningrad regions. Convenient geographical location makes the use of the resources of neighboring regions effective increasing logging and creating favorable conditions for the development of the wood industry. Wide logistic network and direct access to the rail network and major ports in Russia, create favorable conditions for export not only in Europe, but also worldwide: Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Arabic region), Africa, America.

Consistently high quality cut timber is the perfect choice for homebuilding, construction of timber houses, wooden houses, interior and exterior spaces. We offer wholesale supplies on a regular basis, you can find individual conditions by sending a request or by dialing the contact phone.

LIK is one of the largest tenants of the forest in Novgorod region, allowable cut 160,000 cubic meters, extending to 500,000 cubic meters (125 acres).

Company long-term development strategy and detailed environmental programs based on international quality certificates, such as FSC - Forest Stewardship Council, provide the cycle of activities for renovation and improvement of the forest. Speaking of the modern competitive production today is important to maintain the ecology and current conservation measures. The basis for growth is to maintain a healthy quality and tended forests we can be proud of together.


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